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My name is Fukzio, and I'm the pinkest flamingo on Internet. I know the most about the world LGBT scene and with my Geopositioning Guide you'll be able to find all the kinds of establishments, cruising zones and nude beaches of the city you live in ... or the city you're panning to visit. You can also meet other little birds like yourself using a geopositioning contacts search.

I want your experience on my web to be as satisfying as possible, so pay attention to my advice. In the following sections I'll explain the objectives of my site, it's philosophy and how you can help and contribute to be part of this great community.

What can you use this web for?

Fukzio.com is a complete, detalled, and updated database of free LGBT establishments on the internet. In addition, it's the only LGBT Guide with geopositioning that allows you to search and find LGBT resources quicker and more precisely around you. You can use my site:

As a Worldwide LGBT Guide for all towns and cities. Indispensable for any trip that you're planning.
as a Communication between LGBT establishments in a City and your LGBT community.
Contact between residents of a City and its visitors.

What's my philosophy?

Fukzio.com is a great dynamic database that grows day-by-day thanks to the support of registered members that suggest new establishments, new cruising zones; warning me if an establishment has closed or simply voting for bars, clubs, restaurants, pubs and all types of resources you like most, by leaving comments or suggestions.

Since it's our own users who nourish the guide, information is keep up to date and reliable. Of course, any contribution or collaboration that you make will be rewarded!

How can you help?

As I told you before, Fukzio.com is nurished by the support of its registered users, that's why, the first step to help is creating a free account to have access to all the services.

Every action you take part in earns you Feathers that you can later use to personalise your avatar or apply towards discounts on T-shirts, club tickets, dinners, and many more gifts.

There are lots of ways to help out:

  • 1Voting and giving your opinion about establishments
  • 2If you're the first to peep about a new establishment, or advise about places that no longer exisit or have changed scenes
  • 3Buying objects from the Online Shop (you'll help me pay my bills so that this site can remain free)
  • 4If you are a business owner you can choose any Advertising Plan in order to maximize your communication with users.

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